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a. Note that some goods and substances lose their customary application within the territory of Metawera. This can apply both to gold and jewellery and fashion items or certificates of authenticity. The same also applies to advertising materials, sports medals and orders for achievement in propagating people’s power.

b. Important it is forbidden to bring into the Embassy building scarves, trumpets or any emblems or items connected with football. Visitors are cautioned that any display of football cult or admiration for Polsat celebs (shirts, slogans) will be punished by instantaneous removal of the citizenship of, or visa for, the Kingdom of Metawera.

c. Should the need arise to grant instant cultural asylum, the consulate has the powers to do so after a prior examination of the portfolio of the candidate. The application must contain proof of faith in the declaration provided, a declaration of one’s faith, personal orientation and membership of the parents of any political parties, specifying any official functions held by them in the public services.


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