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The mobile phone and, later, the invention of the Internet, by changing the structure of civilisation unexpectedly enabled Metaveran doctrine to reveal its prophetic aspects. This philosophy, which so far has offered the potential for avoiding the compulsory homogeneity in the representation of the world, at most fulfilling the need for multiple personality, has quite suddenly become a harbinger of transformation in the world, sounding a warning against the invasion of simulacra, shallowness and fiction, which – pervading everyday life – more and more often escape our notice. Their affordability and availability push to the background both any further sense with which the work has been invested by its author and the matter of faithful representation of the original. Faced with the necessity of changing the paradigm, the edifice of art, which has existed for centuries, is beginning to wobble; its achievements – questioned in the name of the premises of the global system – require an injection of new energy, while revealing its source, which would allow it to be derived from the territory already taken over by the enemy.

Under the circumstances, the Kingdom of Metavera, which has until now functioned without any territory, has required outposts in reality, in order to enter its framework by the means of art and provide aid at precarious times.  Today, one of the most important tasks facing Metavera has become the struggle against state-dominated media. Their usurping of the right to sway hold over our minds, in conjunction with the parallel programme of the induction of society-wide cretinisation, is intended to lead to the total subjugation of society to the global financial Powers That Be. The plan is only capable of succeeding if the institution and status of the artist becomes discredited. If the artist wants to retain his right to speak up and be heard, he should not accept the role, more and more frequently offered to him, of becoming a semi-finished product, a tool in the hands of others, a mere cog, just one piece in a puzzle which when put together reveals an image servicing someone else’s strategy.

An artist who is aware of the trend towards the reduction of his autonomy and his right to participate in the design for a new society, must rely on a fifth column tactics, adopt the tactics of osmosis and take the audience by surprise by breaking through the line of his expectations. The Metaverist doctrine, harking back to the traditional trompe l’oeil painting, calls for its application in accordance with the current techniques of the visual message in order that, while seemingly having accepted the conditions imposed by the surrounding reality, may be revealed to arrive at conclusions of a higher order.


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